Enter the NextGen ecosystem. Fast track your path to success.

There are many ways to bring brands, IT services partners, digital agency marketing and new age technologies together, but only one is simple. We connect people and technologies into an ecosystem that's effective, convenient and profitable.

Fast track your path to success with our Customer Acquisition Booster Program

NextGen partners acquire new customers and grow their businesses faster. We provide partners with exclusive incentives to extend to qualified new customers on select products, shortening your sales cycle without affecting your margins.

Learn more Technology partners, build your reach and grow revenue

Our distribution platform makes it easier for you to connect with the clients who want what you’ve got.

We work with:

advertising-icon Advertising
cloud-icon Cloud
customer-experience-icon Customer Experience
infrastructure-icon Infrastructure
iot-icon Internet of Things

Meet your:

your-next Your next favorite channel

Our team helps identify new channels and streamline communication between your business and prospects.

new-markets New markets with MDF & program management

We help move your business forward in new markets, positioning you for success. It’s time to step into the future.

simplified-fulfilment Simplified fulfilment process

You can rely on us to deliver and onboard your technology solution from acquisition to conversion to fuel your growth.

next-availiable Next-available helpline

Make use of our first-level customer support helpdesk to free up your resources for more complex problems.

Service partners, differentiate for better results
digital-agencies-icon Digital agencies
system-integrators-icon System integrators
it-consulting-icon IT Consulting
managed-services-icon Managed services providers

Our goal is to help you serve your clients better. We invest in you and develop effective and sustainable service practices that eventually bolster core competencies and make your end-customers happy.

Find out:

whats-next-plan What’s next in your business plan

We’re ready to take your brand to the next level with GTM plan assistance and co-op marketing lead generation campaigns.

pre-sales-support Pre-sales support

We enable and assist you during your sales cycle to help you demonstrate value and close more deals.

onshore-dedicated-team Onshore dedicated success team

We offer implementation and product adoption support to get your clients set-up faster and running efficiently.

next-level-training Next-level training and certification

Through workshops and live demonstrations, we up skill your team in technology, product introduction and processes.

Brand leaders, we help you realize digital transformation

We serve brands from

banking-icon Banking
financial-services-icon Financial services
insurance-icon Insurance
health-care-icon Health care
retail-icon Retail
telecom-icon Telecom

How it works:

choose-your-next-best Choose your next-best solution

Leverage our portfolio of technology solutions to enhance your audience engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

get-incentived Get incentivized

Specifically designed for qualified and committed clients, our unique funding program enables you to realize ROI sooner.

take-success-next-level Take success to the next level

Our team works with your preferred IT service provider or agency on strategy, planning, implementation and product adoption.