Champion of visionary brands and their clients. Future Thinking. Engaged. Focused.

NextGen was born out of a passion for growth, service and a deep respect for technology and its possibilities on bettering humanity.

Our Approach: From individuals to ecosystems

Engaging the modern customer takes understanding their journey’s. We believe that deeply engaging with partners, brand leaders and our team members is what brings vision to fruition.

For our team: growing you is step one

We can’t say this enough–if you’re on our team, we’re on yours. You matter. Your contributions matter. We want you to discover and reach your fullest potential during your time here with us.

Here’s Our Leaders




Managing Partner Partnership & Strategy


Managing Partner
Marketing & Customer Success


Partner Enablement & Technical Operations Manager

For Our Partners & Brand Leaders: Helping you reach higher

If you’ve chosen us as your tech distribution partner, we’re here to strategize with you, doing whatever it takes to reach success together. Our resources are always here to assist you in reaching your goals.

For Our Ecosystem: Sparking connections and fostering collaborations

Conversations through our work is a way of building fresh perspectives. Our extensive expertise and focused portfolio of solutions can empower you to unlock the power of technology confidently.

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Connect with one of our NextGen team members to learn more about partnering for growth or help with new age customer engagement technologies.

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